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Difficulty in Urine

Difficulty in Urine

Difficulty in Urine

This isn’t an ailment but a condition wherein you feel the urge to pass on urine and there’s nothing or just a few droplets, even when the intensity is high. You may face difficulty in urine due to several urinary tract ailments such as bladder stones, shy bladder syndrome, urinary tract infection, prostate ailments, and many more. This condition is also a sign that you should get your urinary organs checked.

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Symptoms of difficulty in urine

  • Involuntary dripping
  • Back pain
  • Fever
  • Involuntary discharge
  • Pain and burning during urination

Causes of Difficulty in Urine

Other ailments

As expressed earlier, if you are already a patient with an impaired urine system or a particular urinary organ then you are sure to face this condition of difficulty in urination

Shy bladder syndrome

As the name suggests, shy bladder syndrome also known as paruresis is an ailment where you may feel uncomfortable urinating in certain situations especially if someone else is around.

Diet change

Do you face a burning sensation along with difficulty in urinating? It might be due to a change in the taste of your food. Spicy food often causes difficulty in urination.

Post surgery side effects

Did you just get the surgery done? Then facing difficulty in urinating is an after-effect that will surely follow. It’s due to temporary nerve impairment from anesthesia to the urinary organs.

Nervous disorders

Damaged and infected nerve cells also interfere with urine flow. It can be due to accidents, stress, childbirth, diabetes, brain, or spinal cord infections, and much more.

How You Can Treat Difficulty in Urine?

Difficulty in urinating is a very common condition, a symptom visible in almost all urological ailments. The early stages can be cured remedially. Take hot baths. Drink enough water and other juices. Do pelvic exercises regularly. If this condition has been with you for a long time, then it’s time you go see a doctor and get relevant medication, treatment, or surgery. Before you start with the medication or surgery, you must ensure that you have been diagnosed with the correct existing urinary ailment.

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