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Prostate Gland Problems

Prostate Gland Problems

The prostate gland is one of the most minor glands in the body situated below the bladder and above the rectum. But it can also fall prey to different disorders. The common diseases of the prostate gland are- prostatitis (caused by inflammation or enlargement), Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (non-cancerous prostate enlargement and prostate cancer.

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Symptoms of Prostate Cancer

Frequent urination

When you have prostate gland issues you tend to urinate much more frequently than usual and the process just knows no bounds at night, even during your sleep. This is the time you should consult the nearest prostate surgeon in Dhanbad.

Painful/Burning urination

Do you experience unbearable pain or burning sensation when you want to urinate or while urinating? Then the chances of you having any of the possible prostate gland ailments are high. Drink plentiful water to relieve the burning and to ease the pain to pass urine.

Lower body stiffness and pain

If you are experiencing stiffness or pain in the lower back, hips, pelvic or rectal area, or even the upper thighs then there might be a prostate gland issue that your body is struggling with.

Dribbling Urine

Does your urine seem to be dripping constantly? Then your prostate gland is in danger. This symptom is more commonly seen in men than in women. The leaking is uncontrollable especially when you sneeze, cough, or even lift something. It’s due to bladder stress.

Bloody urine or semen

Passing reddish urine or blood in urine is a general symptom of any urinary tract illness. Hence, it is also a symptom of prostate gland problems. With the prostate, it’s not just the urine that has blood, but even the semen becomes reddish and bloody.

Some Causes of Prostate Gland

Old age

Prostate gland ailments mostly happen to people above the age of 50. If you are above this age, then keep your habits healthy. If you experience symptoms, visit a prostate specialist doctor in Dhanbad.

Genetic inheritance

We all know that diseases and ailments can be passed on through generations. Similarly, prostate gland problems also pass onto the or even their kids if it runs in any of the members.


Being overweight is a cause of many diseases, especially around urology. Obese people have greater risks of prostate cancer than any other prostate issue. Beware!

Existing bodily ailments

Are you already suffering from heart disease or diabetes? Then your prostate might face threats. They encourage gradual organ failure, and this affects the glands of the body.

Prostate Gland problems can become severe. This is how they can be treated!

The prostate gland can be cured in three ways namely, medically, surgically, or remedially. It is highly advisable to go down the do-it-at-home route. When you have prostate gland issues you must urinate as frequently as the body desires. Do not hold in your urine. Avoid having fluids at night. Schedule your bathroom timings. More importantly, you should follow a balanced diet, exercise, and stay active all day long. This will keep your biological functioning intact and keep your blood and urinary tract clear.

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