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Kidney Cancer Treatment

Kidney Cancer Treatment

Urology Cancer Surgeon in Dhanbad

A kidney cancer treatment is much like the other general cancers of the different parts of the body, except in this one the tumors are removed from the kidney. You may develop cancer in your kidney if you are suffering from high blood pressure, obesity, or even if you are a smoker. Kidney cancer can be cured medically or surgically.

Dr. Saket Narnoli is a kidney cancer specialist in Dhanbad having a mastery’s in kidney cancer treatment. He was an integral part of the urology department in the reputed hospital, Civil Hospital situated in Ahmedabad. He is a kidney cancer specialist in Dhanbad, being the right package of educational backing and years of experience. He is a famous urologist in Dhanbad, a new-age urologist having a knack for modern methods, and does his best every time, whether it’s a consultation or a surgical procedure.

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What are the symptoms of kidney cancer?

Weight loss

Unless you aren’t dieting, your weight should be in check. If you are losing weight heavily without exercise and diet, then there’s a high chance that you are a kidney cancer patient. Book an appointment with a top urologist in Dhanbad.

Reduced appetite

Just like other infections, tumors release fluids or hormones that hamper the body’s ability to feel hungry. So, if your portions and meals have reduced, you must get your kidneys checked for tumors.

Bloody urine

Is your urine the color of blood or do you feel that you are passing blood as urine? Then you might have kidney cancer. Bloody urine can also be a symptom of other kidney ailments, so get an accurate diagnosis before you arrive at a conclusion.


Kidney cancer is a kidney ailment. The functioning of the kidneys is affected. This affects their function of clearing blood. The infection is what gives you a fever as the tumor spreads. This is an initial stage symptom of kidney cancer.


Do you feel an accumulated mass on your back or either of the sides? Then you might as well get your kidneys checked for cancer. The lumps also cause severe back and lower back pain as the tumor expands. So, remember to make it in time to the nearest urologist doctor in Dhanbad.

Here’s what causes kidney cancer


This is one of the most common causes of not just lung cancer, but even kidney cancer. Smoking releases impurities into the blood and this adversely affects the kidneys.

Family History

Did anyone in the family have kidney cancer? And are you facing the symptoms? Then you might also be prey to kidney cancer. You must be careful and get regular kidney check-ups.


Gene change can also be a contributing cause to worsening kidney ailments that are undiagnosed and turn them into cancer-spreading tumors. A mutation changes the functioning of the body.

High blood pressure

This isn’t exactly a cause of kidney cancer, but more of a risk that can result in kidney cancer. If you are a high BP patient, then you must try getting it in control as much as possible for prevention.


The more weight the higher the risk of kidney cancer. Obesity reduces the metabolism rate, which affects blood circulation. This hampers the blood purification rate to spread cancer.

Are you a kidney cancer patient? Let’s look at the treatment best suited to you!

You can treat your kidney cancer in three ways, therapeutically, medically, or surgically. The most comforting and harmless way is ablation therapy. In the therapy, the cancer cells in the kidney are frozen or heated to bring an end to the spread and the effect of the infection. You can get rid of cancer instantly through a surgical procedure too! Wherein the damaged and affected parts of the kidney are cut off. You can also take oral medication that dissolves the tumor and stops it from enlarging or spreading the infection.

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