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Dr. Saket Narnoli is a passionate and highly qualified urologist in Dhanbad. He is a specialist in Endourology, Laparoscopic urology, Open Urological procedures, laser lithotripsy, and renal transplant. Apart from this, he is a famous urologist in Dhanbad known for his keen eye for endourology for stone, uro-oncology, and Andrology. These interests are deep-rooted with the strong backing of his education from Ranchi University; MPMSU, Jabalpur, and Gujarat University, respectively. Today he is the top urologist in Dhanbad.

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We know about the solid educational backing that Dr. Saket Narnoli has behind him. Butthat’s not it, he has a vast learning experience in various fields from distinguished institutions. In a nutshell, here’s what makes him the choicest urologist specialist in Dhanbad.

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