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5 important things to know about urologic diseases

urologic diseases

In order to classify a disease as one of the urologic diseases, there should be some characteristic of that disease which affects the formation or passage of urine from kidneys to the external reproductive organs. There is no gender or age restriction of these kinds of disease. So any person can get affected by them. Usually urologic symptoms of disease arise from some part of the urological system but sometimes these symptoms can be caused due to any abnormality in some other part of the body too. Scientific data shows that men and women both develop symptoms in there urinary tract  because of these disease. However, in males reproductive organs get involved often too.

What kind of urologic disease is urinary tract infection?

Everyone in their lifetime experience a sensation of itchiness and burn while urinating. UTI is a condition when you suffer from this sensation with other symptoms on daily basis. This can be caused due to the presence of a foreign agent such as bacteria in the urinary tract. Usually these foreign agents get accumulated inside the bladder and cause problems there. Women suffer more due to this disease than males. Some of the other common symptoms of urinary tract infection are; feeling urgency to urinate more frequently, not feeling satisfied after urinating etc. Your doctor will mostly advise you to manage this condition but if your symptoms worsen, he will prescribe you with some antibiotics.

What is benign prostatic hyperplasia? Why do only men face this disease?

Prostate is a gland present only in males which regulates certain important hormones. Patients with BPH, suffer from enlargement in the size of this organ usually in the people of old age. BPH must not be confused with cancer in the prostate, although it may have some underlying connection to it in some cases. This increase in the size of prostate gland creates symptoms which are more connected to the bladder because of its location. As prostate is located beneath the bladder, when it is enlarged a pressure is put on the bladder causing symptoms like feeling of urinating again and again, blockage in the passage of urine. Other than medications such as alpha blockers or surgery, your doctor will generally advise you to manage this condition with certain lifestyle changes

Kidney stones and its treatment options

Stones in urinary tract, especially in kidneys, are one of the most common urologic disease. These stones are formed when the salts and minerals in the urine crystallize to form aggregations. Often, kidney stones are passed into the ureter for which no option other than kidney stone removal treatment option. This is because stones in these passages can block the outlet of urine causing immense discomfort. Most often, when the stones are small in diameter, kidney stones are removed naturally out of the body. However, large clumps of these crystals are to be broken down by external force before they are passed through urine. In some severe cases kidney stone removal is stone through proper surgical method.

Is it possible for a person to lose control over urination

Many diseases or state of being can cause a person to not have a conscious control over urination. In fact, urinary incontinence is a term for a urologic symptom indicating some condition of the patient. Being diabetic, pregnant, severely constipated usually depict the conditions in which this symptom becomes apparent. However some diseases such as BPH, weakened muscles of urinary tract, overactive urinary bladder cancer can cause this symptom too. The main issue with this loss of control over urinating is general public embarrassment and inefficiency in doing day to day work. This symptom can only be cured by treating the cause of it and the treatment for which can vary greatly. However, in some general cases patients are advised to bring some lifestyle changes to regulate this problem

How can you avoid the need for severe urology treatments?

Treatments for urologic diseases can be gruesome but one can easily avoid the need for them. The best way to do that is to maintain your urological health. It may sound an obvious thing but people don’t usually know the ways which can really help them to prevent diseases. Some of these ways are:

  • Drink as much water as needed for you to always be hydrated
  • Avoid UTIs by being hygienic, drinking juices such as cranberry and involving in safe sexual intercourse
  • Regulate your salt intake
  • Avoid being overweight
  • Quit smoking or drinking
  • Involve yourself in stretching poses and exercise
  • Always make sure than your children pee before going to sleep
  • Avoid drinking juices at night
  • Maintain hygiene and educate your children for doing the same


Urologic diseases can range from mild conditions, such as urinary tract infection, to very severe health issues, such as kidney failure. Depending upon this condition. Some treatment options like kidney stone removal need extra equipment while some of them just need to drink some extra water. The problem these diseases related to urinary tract is that many urologic symptoms are common in various conditions. Due to this unclear nature of urological diseases, one should always aim for having a good urological health. You can achieve it by just visiting a professional urologist, like Dr. Saket Narnoli, he is best urologist doctor in Dhanbad, Jharkhand.