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Kidney Stone Removal

Kidney Stone Removal

Kidney stone removal is a procedure that involves removing kidney stones from the system when they can’t exit naturally. This surgery is also known as Percutaneous nephrolithotomy. A kidney stone removal surgery is usually carried out to eliminate enlarged or big kidney stones. The surgery involves an incision at the back and an insertion of the tube to let the kidney stones pass out. The procedure takes about three hours to complete.

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Kidney Stone Symptoms!

Bloody urine

When you suffer from kidney stone issues, your urine is pink or reddish. In the earlier stages, the pink shade or the redness is visible only under a microscope.


The fever you catch in a kidney stone ailment is like that of an ordinary fever. But the signs to look out for are getting chills and heavy shivering.

Severe pain

Does your lower abdomen hurt? Then you might be suffering from a kidney stone condition. The other body parts that might be in radiating pain are the side back and groin.


The kidney has a connection to the gastrointestinal tract. As the kidney stone issue acts up, you start feeling nauseous and it all ends with an upset stomach.


When you are suffering from a kidney stone issue the pain is so severe that it can make you puke. The effect of the kidney stone triggers the nerves of the gastrointestinal tract making you vomit.
Now we shall look at the causes of kidney stone!


If someone in your family has a history of kidney stones, then you are highly likely to get it at any stage in life. It generally happens around your 30s.


Stones are formed due to the lack of water. In general, they are the solidified form of concentrated urine. Remember to drink enough water to keep your system clean.


As we learned earlier, stones are a form of concentrated urine. Similarly, if you exert yourself and sweat with the low water levels in the body they calcify as stones in the kidney too!


Not all kidney stones are concentrated urine and uric acid. They can also be solidified with calcium. If you have obesity, you are amongst the most common kind to get kidney stone problems.

Diet change

Kidney stones can also be a result of a change in diet or a change in the way your food is prepared. If you eat food that’s too salty or too sweet, it might result in kidney stone issues.

Do you feel you have a kidney stone problem? Let’s figure out all you need to know about the treatment!

There are three ways you can treat your kidneys of kidney stones namely- surgical, medical, and remedial. The most common advice to treat kidneys quicker is to drink an abundant amount of water. You can also start a course of painkillers to cope while the healing process is on. If the treatment is sought in the initial stages, then remedies and medication can do the work. But, if you have reached the later stages of kidney stones then they should be operated on, as discussed earlier.

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