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9 Effective Strategies to Prevent Kidney Stones

Effective Strategies to Prevent Kidney Stones

Kidney stone is a common problem in human beings and it is so common that no one is surprised about having a kidney stone. But this condition causes excruciating pain especially when it passes through the urinary tract. There are increased chances of getting kidney stones again and again when they occur once.

Kidney stones are mineral deposits in the kidney, they can also exist in the urinary tract and gall bladder. The only treatment for gallstones is the surgical removal of the gallbladder. A kidney stone can also lead to serious conditions if it is left untreated.

What are kidney stones?

In the medical language, it is also known as Renal calculi and it is the formation of crystals of calcium oxalate in any part of the kidney. Most of the time it occurs in the renal tubules which is why it is called renal calculi.

It looks like a tiny pebble, the composition of the kidney stone is uric acid, oxalate, calcium, and struvite. These all components are crystalline in the kidney, they vary in size and can reside anywhere in the urinary tract.

How to reduce the risk of kidney stone

Preventing kidney stones is a matter of lifestyle and you can also do it by a kidney stone diet. These painful mineral deposits can be reduced by a diet that is healthy and also mineral-rich. Various methods for taking care of patients with kidney stones are:

1. Drink more water

If you have already a kidney stone and you are prone to kidney stones then drink more water. Sometimes kidney stones are also removed by drinking more and more water. The human body needs 5 to 6 liters of water for normal metabolic rate.

One of the best measurements for adequate water is the dilution of the urine. Patients who have frequent complaints of kidney stones or other types of calculi should drink water more for more diluted urine.

2. Citrus fruit for a good diet

There is a list of citrus fruits that can prevent kidney stones and they are also easily available in the market. Lemons, oranges, and tomatoes are the best foods to avoid with kidney stones. Use dilute lemonade to prevent yourself from excess dehydration and also drink it regularly for a good metabolic rate and to create it through sweat and urine.

Due to their excess citrate condition citrus fruits are good for giving protection from the kidney stones. There is also an individual with a medical history of kidney stones and they can also be prevented from citrus drink.

3. Reduce sodium intake

You have to reduce your sodium intake, an increment in your sodium level will cause the making of sodium crystals in the kidney and other urinary tracts. Sodium intake also increases the calcium level of the body and it will cause kidney stone formation. You can reduce your salt intake for the maintenance of the calcium in the body.

4. Moderation of protein intake

In the modern world, protein intake is encouraged but it is also a cause of kidney stone formation. The protein cycle gives the last product uric acid and excess uric acid can accumulate in the joints and the urinary tract in the form of solid crystals. These crystals make an association of calcium and oxalate salts along with the uric acid.

5. Limit Oxalate and take adequate Calcium

Kidney stones are seen in the form of calcium and sodium oxalates and oxalate is an undivided part of the real calculi. The only thing that we can do is to maintain food free from oxalates. High consumption of these oxalates causes kidney stones.

Another important mineral in the formation of calculi is calcium but we have to take an adequate amount. Less amount can cause osteoporosis and more amount will accumulate in the form of gallstones or kidney stones. Enough calcium in the body helps to reduce the chances of the formation of renal calculi.

6. Limit your sugar intake

The most commonly used sugars are glucose and fructose and you have to reduce your intake of both. There are many side products of the chain reaction of sugars and they are toxic, especially when increased in the amount. If any patient is prone to the kidney stone then he must reduce his sugar intake.

7. Take a balanced diet

There is a different definition of a balanced diet for different diseases but this balanced diet has some same nutrients. You have to add fruit and vegetables to your food and avoid fast food to prevent kidney stones. Also, a balanced diet is easy to digest and can be excreted easily from the body. You can get help from a dietician or a doctor to have your diet chart.

8. Maintain your lifestyle

Lifestyle means we are covering your daily basis care for your body. There is proper guidance related to exercise and diet for prone patients to the kidney stones. A balanced diet, yoga, exercise, and avoiding the use of alcohol and drugs are some common tips for the prevention of kidney stones.

9. Monitor your medications

Take a complete survey of your medication and try to know how you can have a balanced life with the medications. There are common medications that help to reduce the pain of the calculi and also help to dissolve them. The terminal method of the treatment is surgery but in most cases, it can be handled by medication and laser Lithotripsy.


Kidney stones are a common problem worldwide and it is very painful for patients. Although it can be dissolved with the medication and also have a proper cure for the disease we can never ignore the alarming pain of the kidney stones.

With the help of medications pain can be reduced but it is better to prevent formation of the kidney stones. This is possible with a combination of lifestyle improvement and medication. If you have symptoms of kidney stones then contact Dr. Saket Narnoli and he will guide you.